Test Facility

HMT's production test facility provides state of the art ASIC electrical production testing.

Defects are an inherent part of semiconductor manufacturing.  Electrical production test ensures that parts delivered to customers are defect free.  HMT tests 100% of all specified parameters on 100% of all production parts, according to a test specification which is agreed with the customer.  Depending on the product and the customer requirements, HMT is also equipped to perform stress testing on every part and testing at multiple temperatures.  These additional measures form part of a true Zero Defect strategy.

HMT's product specific hardware and tester combinations are specifically designed for flexibility with higher voltage parts, allowing the measurement of power devices and protections.

Test Development

The development of the electrical production test is integral to the device development, right from the design start.  Electrical production test development includes:

  • design of ASIC silicon test modes and built in self-test features
  • test design of hardware and software including high voltage/current analogue testing for power parts
  • validation of test hardware and software
  • test program validation of device with respect to device specification

Data Handling

Depending on the customer requirement, HMT supports the combination of parametric testing, data collection and data analysis with statistical techniques such as Part Average Testing (PAT).  This allows the rejection of outlier parts, even where these parts are within the test limit and is an important part of a Zero Defect strategy.

Wafer Test

HMT's controlled environment wafer test facility is equipped to test 8" and 6" wafers and includes hot and cold wafer chuck testers.

Package Test

HMT's package test room has handlers for volume processing of SO, TQFP and QFN/DFN packages.

Tape and Reel

Our on-site final packing and delivery steps provide reduced lead-times and increased flexibility in delivery quantity.


Our storage facility for wafers and packaged parts allows the correct storage of parts for products during ramp-up and for products with lower volumes.

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