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HMT Microelectronic is an established player in the design of mixed-mode Application Specific Integrated Circuits and miniature electronics, primarily for sensors and actuators. We are active in the industrial, medical and automotive fields and are looking to recruit for the position(s) listed below.

HMT's success is closely linked to excellence in the field of mixed signal ASIC design. We welcome enquiries from suitable applicants who can contribute at a high level, even where no specific position is currently open.

Open positions

  • ASIC Designer/ Project Leader - High Voltage Applications, 100%

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ASIC Designer/Project Leader - High Voltage Applications

The successful applicant will work in our High Voltage division developing new techniques in the  Silicon on Insulator technologies for Smart Power circuits in industrial and automotive applications.  The work includes the analysis of project feasibility, system level design and verification, specification definition with the customer and also active involvement in the design process.
Effective communication and coordination both internally and externally, and supervision of the design work are key elements of this role.

To fill this position, we are seeking an ambitious electronic engineer with an engineering degree (masters), experience in analogue microelectronic design and in possession of strong analytical skills.  Sound knowledge of semiconductor physics and IC manufacturing processes is advantageous, but not a prerequisite.  The applicant must also have either good German or good French.

For further information or applications, please contact:
HMT microelectronic AG
Alfred-Aebi Strasse 75
CH-2503 Biel/Bienne
Tel. +41 (0) 32 365 11 81

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