Flip Chip Technology


  • Gold Bumping or Solder Bumping
  • Wafer size up to 8 inch
  • Pad size 90 μm typical
  • Pad pitch minimal 200μm
  • Gold bump dimensions Diameter: 50 - 70 μm, Height: 30 - 40 μm
  • Conductor pitch minimal 200 μm
  • Conductor pad minimal 100 x 100 μm
  • Contact material gold (flash gold for PCB)
  • Junction Gold bump: Conductive glue (Screen printed or) Solder bump: Solder
  • Die Attach Underfill technology
  • Substrate Ceramic, PCB, Flex, Film (only with solder bumping)
  • Chip on Chip Back to back or Chip to Chip mounting
  • Connectors DIL, SIL, BGA
  • Test 100%


Based on in-house bumped wafers or wafers with solder bump, picking-off from blue foil, flipping optically controlled and mounting the die to the board, electrical test and under filling the gap between the die and the board: This leads together with SMD components to a high density packaging solution.


The development of modules and systems are realized completely inside HMT’s design center. Based on a close relationship between the customer, the production plant and the development engineer, the development covers all items of concept analysis, pre-study, project definition, design and industrialization under the responsibility of HMT microelectronic Ltd.


The production and test of such developed modules or systems is done inside HiDensity group under the full responsibility of Flip Chip TechnologyHMT microelectronic Ltd. For each product a specific production and test procedure is developed and results of each production lot are included in the deliverables to the customer.

Excample of a Ball Grid Array (BGA) sub-modul

  • Chip Back to Back
  • Chip on substrate in flip chip technology (gold bump)
  • Further chip in wire bond technology
  • Ceramic substrate with via
  • Sub-module’s contact in BGA technology
  • Coating on dice for protection
  • Sub-module is mountable as SMD component